What is Wanted?

No stress, Wanted is just our fidelity programm. Each time you actively participate in the development of UNIK-ID, you receive points.

At the end of the year, the 3 members who collected the most points receive 500 USD, 300 USD and 200 USD respectively.

All others can participate in a giant lottery to win many prizes. Each point acquired during the year then corresponds to a lottery ticket.

At the start of each new year, all counters are reset back to zero.

How to earn points?

That’s easy :

  • Become a member : 100 points
  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter : 50 points / newsletter
  • Agree to receive an advertisement / month : 50 points / ads
  • Participate in a survey : 500 points / survey
  • Give us feedback about a catalogue (broken link, etc.) : 300 points
  • Propose new catalogues : 50 points / catalogue
  • Make a donation : 1 USD = 100 points