Why is it so interesting to go through UNIK-ID to access the CAD drawing of your suppliers?

Take just 3 minutes to read the information below and you will understand our “unik” value!

100% Up to date and 100% real!

UNIK-ID only offers supplier validated CAD files catalogs.

You will also notice that most of the links referenced on this site refer directly to the manufacturer’s site. And when this is not the case, the external link is directly provided by the supplier.

All CAD files are therefore 100% real, 100% up to date and 100% validated by the manufacturer : No Fake CAD files!

How can we have such a large collection of CAD files?

It is no coincidence that UNIK-ID has one of the larger supplier CAD files collections.

We do not ask for any compensation for publishing supplier catalogs on our site. All suppliers’ 3D CAD catalogs can be referenced for free.

We are therefore 100% independent of manufacturers and free to add any 3D CAD catalog at any time!

Easy and cozy!

Using UNIK-ID to access your supplier’s CAD files is just easy and cozy :

Browse through all the catalogs, add them to your favorites to access CAD files directly. That’s for you!

UNIK-ID does the rest. We regularly check that the links are up to date and directly make changes in your favorites if necessary.

If some catalogs of  your preferred suppliers are missing, just let us know and we will do the job:

  • If your supplier offers 3D CAD files, we will immediately add it to UNIK-ID and let you know.
  • Otherwise, we keep a close eye out and as soon as your supplier offers 3D CAD files, we will notify you and publish it on UNIK-ID

Going green while having fun

At UNIK-ID, we have 3 major objectives: we want to make our daily job more interesting (already done), we want to make the life of CAD users fun and easy and we want to help protect the oceans..

That’s why a large part of our income is donated to ocean protection associations with our Oceans 20 program and also reward our most active members every year over thanks to our Wanted fidelity program